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Creative Film Class

Thursday, October 01, 2020 7:43 AM | Ramsey Zimmerman (Administrator)

Through guided lessons, students will learn the process of writing, directing, acting, and cinematography. Using the tools they have available to them (cell phones, video cameras, etc.), students will film stories of their own creation, with some help from us (and maybe you). Students are encouraged to use family, friends, or others within their "safe" bubble as actors and extras within their projects. They will learn the fun of creating, writing, filming, and bringing their film to life. Once filmed, they will send the movie to us for editing, and once edited, we will return it for sharing. We will also watch the created movies as a group (via online) for a chance to talk about them, encourage each other, and learn from the experience using positive feedback.

We understand that times are hard and people are busy. This class is held every Monday at 4:30 pm. Each session lasts between 30-40 min. If we have enough demand we will offer a second class on Wednesday also at 4:30pm.

Cost- We charge $10 per student per class, each week. We want this to be an affordable and accessible experience in these strange times.

How to sign up?-This class will be offered over zoom. If you are interested, we will need an email to send the invite too. Send us a message via our Facebook page with the details of your interest and which email works best.

The first class was Monday, Sept 21th at 4:30 pm and we are still accepting new entrants. 

Questions- We understand that every child is one of a kind and that this class could create unique challenges. If you have any questions, concerns, or thoughts, we would love to hear them! We are always looking for ways to improve and grow. Please feel free to message us anytime.

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