Your School’s A Stage is a performing arts partnership between Pacific Northwest Theater, your school, and the community, providing musical theater education and performance opportunities for students.

We provide on-site musical theater education and performance opportunities for students at their school. The travelling artistic staff of PNT comes to your school to teach and rehearse students. Your parent volunteers provide the behind-the-scenes support; and family, friends, and community members attend the full-staged student performances at the end of the session at your school.

This is a fantastic way to get family, friends and community members to watch student performances at your school!

What to expect:

Meet daily for two hours at your school immediately after school for four weeks.

Two public performances are held at your school at the end of the fourth week.

For more information or to book your school contact:

Steven Wells

Managing Artistic Director

Pacific Northwest Theater (PNT) is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization.  Mailing Address: 837 Lawson St. SE, Olympia, WA, 98513

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